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A general Guideline on how often should your dog go to the Vet?

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Do You take your dog to the vet on a regular base?

Dogs are considered man’s best friends, and for us, we feel that our dogs are part of the family.
As much as you care for your family and friends when they do not feel well, and you insist that they should see a Doctor or Specialist find out what is wrong and they get the right treatment.

The same rule should apply to your dog. To ensure that your dog has a healthy and long life they need to go to the vet on a regular base. That is called regular check-ups.

Dog Owners have different opinions on how often to go to the vet

It can sometimes be bothering to go to the vet as my dogs do know when we go, and I can tell you, I need to be quite creative to outsmart them. It is love that you care about your dog or dogs and that you see your Veterinarian on a regular basis.

There are different Dog Owners, who go on a regular base to the vet, and then there are dog owners they sometimes go to see their veterinarian, and there are Dog Owners only visit the Veterinarian if their dog is sick or injured.

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Regular Checkups for your dog

I do not need to mention the fact that it is essential for a dog especially for a puppy or a senior dog to have regular visits to the Veterinarian. The routine check up ‘s and the vaccination ( even you are not a friend of it) is essential in a dog’s life.

Did you know that emergency appointments can be more costly and could have been avoided when your vet is familiar with your dog? Instead of doing certain things in a period and keep them on file, when an emergency occurs the vet has to make all the basic stuff in one time to determine what could be wrong. It is the same as a human.

What are the basics your dog should have during its lifetime?

It should be common sense, and you should not need a reason why taking your dog to the vet is essential:

Shots – To stay healthy your Dog needs regular shots. Vaccines can prevent many diseases and can prolong their life span for a long time to come.

Unvaccinated dogs can easily contract a disease and pass it on to other dogs in dog parks. It is a responsibility for every dog owner to do the necessary vaccinations to keep your dog and the people around him save.

When a dog contract a disease it will hit your dog in full and might cost him his life and burns a big hole into your wallet for treatment.

I know there are different opinions on vaccinations, and I will not discuss this here, for me I want my pet to be healthy and protected.

Basic vaccination schedule for your puppy

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First 6–8 weeks: The first shot is called DHLPPC shot (combined vaccine for distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, parvo and corona). It has to be in a series over the first year of your puppies life.

2nd. 10–12 weeks: second DHLPPC shot

3rd.12–24 weeks: Rabies ( depending on the country, most countries require rabies injections. Not many countries are rabies free.)

14–16 weeks: third DHLPPC shot

Is distemper vaccine the same as rabies?

The canine distemper vaccine is typically given in some variation of a combination vaccine that also protects your pet from several other serious diseases, such as parvovirus infection.
Many of the diseases that are prevented by this combination vaccine have no effective treatment other than supportive care; however, vaccination can prevent these diseases or minimise the signs of illness.

Rabies and Bordetella vaccines

Other vaccines, such as rabies and Bordetella vaccines, may be given in addition to the canine distemper/parvo combination vaccine. source:

Rabies free countries

New Caledonia
New Zealand**
Northern Ireland* Saint Lucia Scotland*
and more

A regular Checkup is essential for your dog.

I can not stretch how important that is. Even if your dog looks perfectly healthy, it is a necessary procedure for a healthy dog to go to the vet on a regular base.
Tracking the development of your dogs’ growth. Annual examinations are a vital part of preventative care.

A general guideline is that all dogs should have a complete physical check-up at least once a year.

What is Preventative care?

See it as an umbrella term that includes all the things you do to care for your dog.
For example proper Nutrition, exercise and play, regular vet care, socialising your dog with other dogs, grooming ( depend on the breed) etc.
By taking your dog to regular checkup’s, you make a choice to care and find out illnesses or issues early enough, what is a key to successful treatment.

Ear Mites

Ear mites are familiar with dogs. Those small infestations are tricky to make your dog uncomfortable and itchy.

A vet can determine how severe the infestation is and prescribe appropriate medication to treat the ear mites. If left untreated they can cause bacteria to grow within the tissues and will find their way eventually to your dog’s brain causing possible death.

Fleas and Ticks

Those are common among dogs. Fleas can be easily contracted from other dogs or animals outside.

To get rid of them is not easy and a lengthy procedure what means a lot of work for you. Fleas can bite humans as well. Immediately action has to be taken, and your veterinarian knows the best remedy for it as your Vet has to deal with fleas and ticks on a regular base.

ticks can kill your dog

Ticks need to be treated right away. When removing a tick, it is essential that you know what you do. If the tick bites the dog the poison of the tick will go into your dog’s bloodstream can kill your dog.

Your Vet can determine how bad the situation is and provide the necessary treatments to keep the infestation from causing too many problems.


Your dog can have and contract a different kind of worms. Some worms can be contracted from your dog by humans like the ringworm.

In general, worms are common in dogs and can be easily treated, there are so many different kinds of worm species with different impacts on your dog that it is necessary to see a vet for the determination of what kind of worms your dog has and what treatments are needed.

Your Veterinarian is more qualified to examine the dog and takes out the guessing on what worm or parasite it is.

worms and parasites in dogs
David Richfield (User:Slashme)When using this image in external works, it may be cited as follows:Richfield, David (2014). “Medical gallery of David Richfield”. WikiJournal of Medicine 1 (2). DOI:10.15347/wjm/2014.009. ISSN 2002-4436. [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Dental Health
Dental health is essential for your dog. Your Veterinarian will clean from time to time your dog’s teeth and will explain to you how you can help your dog to clean the teeth.

Your dog’s teeth need to be cleaned and checked on a regular base to avoid that bacteria is growing inside the mouth of your dog and gets out of hand.

You would not think so but bacteria can cause all sorts of ailments for your dog, so keep on top of your dog’s dental health to prevent any costly treatments that might occur when dental needs are left unchecked and untreated.

Senior dogs will have a differnt schedule

Senior dogs need more regular checkups, as they can develop different diseases over a short period. Cushings Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis,
and so on. It is a good treat, and a sign of love to determine these diseases early to prevent them from getting worse and your dog is suffering from pain. With senior dogs, you should see the veterinarian at least twice a year.

When should you not think twice going to the vet?

The ideal situation is going twice a year, but an annual visit is already a big step.
In case of an emergency, it is important not to think twice bringing your dog to your Veterinarian.
Knowing the signs of an emergency is essential and can save the life of your dog.

Symptoms and signs where you should look for an animal ER immediately.

#Your dog has been hit by a car, or a blunt object and your dog is unconscious.

#Being attacked by another dog and your dog is injured.

#Your dog is unconscious and does not wake up

# Your dog has trouble breathing or breathing stopped

# If you see your dog vomiting and or vomiting blood

# Diarrhea for a more extended period than 24 hours,

#Feeling disorientated and not walking properly

# If you think your dog has broken bones

# Pale gums

# Your dog is having a seizure

#Has eaten some toxic substances, like rat poison, household cleaners, antifreeze, etc.

#Pizza and chocolate can be toxic to a dog.

#Pain ( whining, refuse to socialize, shaking or standing up)

# If your dog shows a hard abdomen or swollen stomach

# your dog refuses to eat and drink water over a longer period.

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The Bottom Line

Preventative healthcare at all ages can prolong your dog’s life.
Once you find a vet you love and feel comfortable with, it is a pleasure to visit them at least once a year.

I mean it will be ok for you, but as you know your dog will not find it a pleasure to see the vet. At least my dogs do not love the visit to the vet. I sometimes have the vet coming to me, especially when I have to have a check-up for all 4 dogs.

Your dog’s health is just as important as the health of your family. After all your dog is part of the family. Take care of your dog and get them checked on a regular basis.

Your vet is trained to recognise many different ailments, sometimes detecting them long before things go wrong. Your dog could live to a ripe, old age with the proper care and the watchful eye of his veterinarian.

It is essential and important that you go to your Vet on a regular schedule. At least once a year for a checkup.


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What is your experience with going to the vet. Which dog owner are you? Please share your experience with us what is your routine and if you have tips to make the trips for your dog easier to go to the vet please share and comment.







All yours Melanie
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