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Do you know what can happen when your cat is bored? You will be surprised.

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How do I know when my cat is bored? Entertaining a cat is not always easy.

Have you heard people say that cats do not need much attention, and a cat is only caring about herself? This is so sad as when cats are bored it is not fun for the owner. The myth even goes so far in saying a cat is selfish and cats do not love their owner.

People repeat and fall for this myth all the time, and anyone who has cats knows that this is an old wife’s tale. For me, this is absolute crap and wrong information.

my cat is bored
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I have cats and believe me my cats request attention, and if they do not get it, they can become very vocal and start entertaining themselves. I write this blog ” My cat is bored” because when a cat gets bored, you don’t want your cat walking off and entertain themselves in your home.

A Bored Cat is an unhealthy cat.

Did you know that a bored cat can create the same or even more havoc around the house than an unsupervised toddler? This is true, and if your cats are bored, they can really turn home upside down.

Cats speak in their own language

Cats have a sensitive smell, and they sniff everything out, they greet you when you come home, cats are happy when you are happy, and they love to be hugged and padded.

Some cats love to sit on your lap when you watch television or work on your computer. My cats love the brushing of their fur in the morning. It is a ritual they demand, and they love. I also admit that I enjoy this time too with my cats. Cats communicate with us through the meow in different tones. (Read my blog “Do you speak Cat” )

A bored cat can be a handful

Many times I hear friends talking about there cat when they visit my house and they tell me my cats are so calm and wow your sofa is not scratch what do you do? When I ask them if their cat is behaving strangely they ask how do you know? If I tell my friends that this is a sign that your cat is bored and that, their cat desperately tries to get them to involve in her world.

They look at me and say hmmm lately we neglected her because of the new Baby or my job requires to travel a lot so my cat is at home alone often, or no time…for whatever reason, the cat lacks attention. The Cat is bored.

your cat will not be bored anymore

I am sure some of you shaking the head right now, but entertaining a cat isn’t that difficult as long as you understand your cat.
One important thing to understand is a happy cat is a healthy cat. When you are spending quality time with your cat on a regular base and see what is fun for your cat and what amuses your cat you will have a different cat.

There is a difference if you have a female or a male cat. A cat female or male both behave differently. But in the end, both love to be entertained and like to spend time with you.

I thought a cat is easy to care for!

One thing you have to understand spending time is not the same as being in the same room, getting on the computer, arriving home. Spending time isn’t the same as merely being in the same place – coming home, and chatting on the phone.
Get in your mind that your cat is not amused seeing you doing all these things, and you have no time for her. Believe it or not but some things might be irritating to your cat.

Is your cat annoyed by you?

My cats find it annoying when I chat on the phone for a longer time, and my cat tries to sleep. Minka will get up and leave the room. When I go then a few minutes later into the bathroom my toilet roll paper has been spun off and it is all over the bathroom.

When a cat destroys furniture or climbs curtains that are definitive signs your cat is bored. You know your cat is bored when it engages in any kind of inappropriate behaviour.

When your cat shows one of these common signs, I can assure you that your cat is bored.

  • Overeating
  • Inactivity
  • Self-stimulation/ Destruction of things
  • Fighting or chasing other pets
  • Overgrooming/licking, bite and chew on their skin
  • Moping /uninterested in things and not eating

Sometimes when I am swamped and do not pay much attention to Minka and Leo both will start eating and tearing paper, sometimes my notes for a meeting, or the paper that comes out from the printer. It is a sign to me saying hey.. we are bored.

Take Time and play with your cat.

The best thing is then, put away your work clear the space and get down on the floor to play with your cat or cats. Interact with them for 30 minutes or more if you can, and you will see your cats are much better and leave you to work later on in peace.

play balls with cat mint for your bored cat

What is the best way to entertain your cat?

I use some cat toys, and I usually change them around.
Choose two small cat toys and bring one at a time out for a playtime session.
I start off with a small rolling toy or a toy mouse, fish on a pole and dangle it for my cats to swat.

Keep playing until your cat stops or walks away. Test from time to time if your cat continues playing, or stops. If your cat loses quickly interest in this toy, put it away and choose another toy. Some toys do not hold the attention of cats, I tried to get my cats interested in this treat ball, but it only lasts until the treats are gone.

The rule for Cat Toys.

Try the toy for 10 days if your cat will stop too early with the play, then just get some other toy that is more stimulating to your cat.

One advise I like to give you, cats will play differently with toys, and sometimes the toys are dismantled. It is essential that you choose only toys suited for cats.

Children toys are not made for cats. Do only buy cat toys.

Children toys are not made for cats and are not cat toys. No matter how cute they look or you think the idea is. Forget the wind-up mouse that comes with a happy meal. You endanger your cat as some small parts or mechanisms can harm your cat.

Find the right toy for your Cat.

Lots of pet toys for cats are available, and if you look around in online shops and pet store, you will find a great selection of pet toys. Recommendation free movable pet toys. Cats favour toys to chase down and catch.

My cats prefer something to chase down and catch. It stimulates the natural hunting behaviour of your cat, makes sure your cat can conquer this urge.

my two cats Minka and Leo

We receive every two to three weeks a gift from our cats. Now and then they catch a mouse ( a real one) and bring them home. You should see how proud Minka and Leo are. It is a gift of appreciation from your cat to you.


Make sure you praise your cats when they bring you their bait.

Once you know the type of toys your cat is favouring, try to choose two similar toys. Of course, you can buy more if you want, that is up to you. For a start go with two or three toys.

Rotate the Toys of your Cat.

Do and follow in the same way as parents do with kids, and rotate your cat’s toys after a few weeks.

The toys what you use for the interactive part to play with your cat, please keep them apart from the solo play toys.
In this way the toys you enjoy together playing with your cat are extraordinary.

Keep your Cat entertained when you are out.

Keep some exciting toys out for your cat when you are at work or out. Small plastic balls or small foam balls that can be filled with cat treats or catnip will entertain your cat. When your cat rolls the ball, it will discover the food treat inside, and if your cat is the same as my cat hey figure quickly out how to get to it.

Providing a snack also satisfies the hunting instinct. You know your cat quite well and if your cat is happier when it is busy than provide enough stimulation for playtime and when you are out.

If you have only one cat and your cat is an indoor cat, keep in mind that you are the favourite playmate of your cat. Spending enough time playing and interacting with your cat keeps her healthy and happy. Here are a few favourite simple toys my cats love.

Cardboard boxes loved by all cats

My Cats love carton boxes. Cats love to play hide and seek, and I could swear they use them as a base where the other cannot catch them just like kids do.

Carton box houses for cats
Those carton boxes are available in My Pet Shop World Store.

I find my cats sometimes sleeping in the boxes. A simple cardboard box is fun for cats, and if you have two cats, you will enjoy how they chase each other back and forward in and out and sometimes using it as a fort and sledge.

A cardboard box is a cheap and easy available item to keep your cat engaged and entertained while you are out or at work.

A Cardboard box another way for your cat to sharpen their claws

A cardboard box is also an excellent scratch option for your cat. I have several cardboard boxes in stock as our cats use them as their scratch box on a regular base.

When they scratch the box, it can be a bit messy with the cardboard pieces, but it is easy to sweep off with a broom. If the pieces are small use the vacuum cleaner.
Card boxes are in general save and pose a little risk to your cat and furniture.

Furniture for your Cat. Make your cat feel at home.

Specific furniture for cats like scratch trees and cat houses.

If you love your cat, then your cat deserves some furniture of her own. After all the cat is part of the family. My cats deserve their own furniture. A place where they can rest and a place they can overlook the room.

Basic furniture for cats are:

  • Scratch trees or scratch posts for cats
  • Scratching benches
  • Cat houses

Some cat trees come with jungle gyms, scratch posts and hiding holes like a square or round boxes.

Cat scratch penthouse pole

You have to choose the best fit for home and your cat. They come in different sizes, and they can be quite heavy. Important is that they are stable and do not fall over when your cat jumps on it.

With a bit of training and passion, your cat will prefer her own furniture instead of your couches, chairs and armchairs. That way your furniture is protected from scratches.

Cats love a room with a view

If you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat both love a room with a view. A wide window bench free from stuff and clutter( a place with a cushion) is excellent entertainment for a cat.

Leave the blinds or curtains open, that your cat has endless entertainment ( cinema) outside. If you do not have a wide bench for your cat to sit on, then take a shelf or move a piece of furniture ( bookshelf) closer to the window and leave one shelf free so your cat can have her room with a view, while you are out or at work.

Keep two cats instead of one, or another friend a dog.

I have 4 dogs and 2 cats, and when I am out, they entertain themselves. If you do not have enough time to spend a lot of time with your indoor cat or outdoor cat than introducing another four-legged friend is a great way to keep them happy and entertained.

Said this taking on another pet is a big responsibility and only take on another cat if you are prepared for additional responsibility.

Before you buy a cat, rescue a cat

Please don’t buy a cat, go to a local shelter and ask to meet the cats, you will know best which cat will be a good match with your cat. Get to know the cats first before you decide. Ask if they get along with other cats when cats are alone in a cage that is an indication that they do not get on with other cats.

Cats, YouTube and the TV

A couple of years ago I introduced my cats to the TV, I always knew they watch TV especially with animals adventure Television.

I found some great youtube videos for cats to play.

There are cat and mice videos, some birds and some other cat interacting videos. You can see when your cat is interested you know you will be a winner.

It is fun watching my cats watch Television. Our cat Minka was severely injured when we got her, and here moving around sometimes is difficult for her. Especially when the weather is changing her movement slows down. Cat TV is also great entertainment for older cats when the movement is limited.

when cats become aggressive


There are great toys out there for cats to play interactively with you. The myth that cats do not need attention is an old wives tale.
Cats are affectionate, loving and caring. The love of a cat is different from a dog, but it doesn’t mean a cat is less devoted to its owner than any other pet.
I believe a cat chooses his owner, and usually, both are a match to each other.

There are cat people and dog people. Both have one thing in common, and they love their pet dearly.
I am fortunate to have the love of both cats and dogs, and we are lucky that they also get along with each other.

Have you a cat or a dog at home. Did you have experience with a cat that is bored? Or do you have a friend who told you my cat is bored?

There are lot s of different ways how to entertain your cat. Tell us what games do you play with your cat and what are their favourite toys.

All Yours

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