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Tips For First Time Dog Owners

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The Joy of sharing your Life with a Dog. 

Owning a Dog is one of the great joys of Life. Living a life without my Dogs  would be unthinkable for us.

With unconditional love, companionship , and so many beautiful memories  we love our furry friends deeply. Owning a dog brings challenges and is not always pleasant but in life we can deal with it.

Sometimes , I look at my dogs, and they look up to me as they can sense that I am looking at them. The way how they look at me and how they move their head , I am sure on day they answer me back in a human voice. If my Dogs could talk I guess they would tell me all things a first time Dog owner should know.

Petting your Dog lowers your  Blood Pressure

Does Petting your dog  lowers blood pressure ? It is said that through petting your dog the body will release a relaxation hormone and helps to lower the stress hormones.  Petting your dog also soothes your dog itself. Even watching the fish in a fish tank can lower stress it is very calming.

What is the Life Span of a Dog ?

The Life span of a dog depend on the  breed and is between 7 years to 15 years.

In all cuteness and loving a Dog, you should not forget to understand that your dog is not a human, so please don ‘t treat him like one.

love and dogsWho is in charge

My whole life we had dogs, cats, horses and other furry friends in our family.When one of our pets past away through ages, there were lots of tears as they always been like a family member with four paws. We respect our furry friends and to have a life lasting relationship with them you need to set rules. I know it is hard when those eyes look at you and your heart is melting away. Believe me, if a dog or any other furry friend takes over your life, it is not fun anymore “Say goodbye to your freedom”Dogs especially need to know that you are in charge and you are the pack leader.  Create Rules and train your Dog , show him that you are the Pack Leader.Follow a few steps and set a few rules as hard as it is, but it makes the companion ship between you and your Dog to hold a lifetime.

Tips for Dog training


What should you know?


1.Don’t leave your Dog alone for to long . If you get someone  to care for your Dog in the time you are away please choose wisely , Dogs need attention and someone to take them for a walk, Dogs want to play.

Choose someone close from your family or friends who understand dogs and have time to interact with them. Choose someone with a heart for animals. There are Dog Grannies who take your Dog during day time when you are at work. It is great as your Dog gets to socialise with other dogs.


2 . Be passionate with your Dog when you try to teach tricks to your dog.Your Dog will eventually get it, some Dogs learn faster and some are slow learners.  Your spoken commands should be clear and easy to follow for your dog. Your Dog will not disappoint you if you follow a few rules. Teaching and training your Dog should be fun for both of you.


3. Have faith in your Dog, it is a life time relationship. You will have a great loyal companion in your future life together.  There will always be someone waiting for you when you come home.

Your Dog will suffer emotional and physical if you do not find a place for him in your heart. Your dog will give you unconditional love and will protect and guard you, reward him with love and compassion.


4. Your Dog can sense the Energy or mood you are in, if you feel down and alone, your dog will be there and comfort you every time. Your Dog senses and will try to lift up your mood. A Dog is a good listener and will never talk back or start endless discussions with you. All your Dog is asking from you is a small place in your heart.


5.If your Dog has done something wrong, do not punish your dog for too long. Your Dog will not understand if you punish him for something he has done 1 day ago. If you have to punish your Dog do it when he did something wrong.

Do not hit or lock your Dog into a Cage or a room. A Dog will not understand this and will slowly start to resent you. Dogs have a very good memory and will store it.

Your Dog is depending on you, so please treat him with Respect as your Dog is a loyal companion to you.

Dog training for your petUnderstanding

6.Talk to your Dog frequently you will create a bond with your Dog. Talking to your Dog as many times as possible. Even your dog will not be able to comprehend precise words, your Dog is able to understand the meaning of what you are telling your Dog, he listens to the frequency of your voice. One piece of advice “don’t scream at your

One piece of advice “don’t scream at your Dog. Dogs have a better hearing than us, and screaming can hurt his ears. It feels to him like someone shouts into your year with a Megaphone.


7.Please feed your Dog proper food, your Dog is not human and some foods can hurt him or are toxic for dogs. When feeding your Dog treats and cooked food please make a choice and don’t overfeed your dog. After you feed your Dog make sure there is always a bowl of water around, ( Day and night) refresh it daily and fill it up when empty.

Be aware after eating you should not take your Dog for a walk, please wait other wise his stomach could turn or he can get sick quite badly.

Do not leave your Dog in the car when it is cold or hot outside. Your Dog can also dehydrate and die of a heat stroke.


8.Bring your Dog to the Vet to get all his shots and get your Dog checked when you can see he is not feeling well. Dogs, in general, don’t like vets and they can sense when they have to go to the Vet. Calm your Dog down and be with him if he needs you. Speak with a calm and tender voice it will help your Dog a lot.

Never Ever say you can not stand the pain of seeing your Dog having surgery or having stitches. Your dog depends on you that you are there when he is in need. Nothing could feel worse for your dog if you leave him alone. Be with him comfort him as he does with you when you are sick or do not feel well.Show your Dog that you care.

Your Dog will be so grateful for your love and kindness.

Blood pressure and Dogs Grooming

9.Groom your Dog and give him a bath from time to time, remove his under wool with a brush ( depend on the breed of dog) A Dog likes to be clean too, even sometimes he rolls in the mutt and dirt that is normal behaviour of Dogs. Don’t worry there is nothing wrong with your Dog it is a natural behaviour.

If your Dog sleeps on your Bed or in your Bedroom it is just normal that you like a clean and groomed Dog.


10.Play with your Dog. There are so many games you can play with your Dog. Buy toys what can not harm your dog. Playing and chewing Dog toys ( sometimes your shoes or cables) is a big part of your dog’s life. You can buy Toys and Bones made out of chewy material non-toxic for dogs, as there are so many available you have to find out which one your dog likes.

Sleep place

 Your Dog needs a place where he can sleep and rest. Some dogs prefer just a cushion and a basket and some love to have a smaller dog house. Dogs can sleep in many places There has to be one place where he can go back when he feels he need to take a time out. If you keep your Dog outside, please make sure he is not chained on the whole time , give him proper coverage where he can be safe from wind and weather.


There are different breeds of Dogs with different needs.If you choose a Dog to consider what environment you live in, and consider which dog needs a lot of exercises and are you able to accommodate this breed.

Furry Friends are a great benefit for the whole family. Having pets specially Dogs do have medical benefits for you.

Do you have a pet, share with us your memorable moments with your pets.

Looking forward hearing from you




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Mandy Allen April 22, 2018 14:55:10

I love dogs. They are such loyal companions. Getting the first few steps right builds up a great future for you and your dog. All these tips are really valuable and will help with that that no end. I also found attending puppy parties and socialising my dog was invaluable.

Enjoy the journey!

    Melanie April 26, 2018 18:30:03

    Dear Mandy
    Puppy Parties is a great idea to socialise your puppy. It is valuable for every dog owner to help their puppy or dog to adjust to the new environment.
    Dogs are of such great nature that they do love you without any hesitation. They do not care if you are rich or poor. They do love you for what you are.
    A Dog can be a Man’s best friend.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Cheers Melanie

Jordan May 1, 2018 0:37:08

Hi Melanie
So much to learn as a first time dog owner. Someone recently introduced me to puppy classes
Does this have any benefit on how me and my dog is going to have a great life together?

Thanks so much for your kind response

    Melanie May 14, 2018 17:54:33

    Hi Jordan
    It is a great idea to connect with your puppy. It helps you to understand your puppy better and your puppy will understand you better. You will learn commands and sounds they understand and make it more easy to follow. I always love it when people take the initiative to learn new things and try to understand the pet they have. It is important for a long-lasting relationship.
    Have a great day

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