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A Review of the 4 best dog interactive treat dispensing toys on the market now!

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 My review of the 4 best Dog interactive treat dispensing toys

It was again time to throw out the old toys from my dogs and buy new ones. When I looked around I had a great choice. 

I decided to buy some Interactive treat dispensing toys for my dogs here is a review on how they hold up.
I bought the following Toys.

  • Starmark Bob-A-Lot
  • Busy Buddy Bristle Bone Dog Toy
  • Hol-ee dog treat ball
  • Seek-A-Treat Flip N Slide Connector Puzzle Toy

The best Dog Interactive Treat Toys 1

Why dog owners buy interactive treat dispensing toys.

Dog treat toys are fun for dogs, and it keeps them busy. Dogs love them they love to get to the treats /dog food inside the toy. We think we do something good for our dog companion.

At least I do and it makes me feel good. My dogs love them and that is all it counts. 

Lots of Dog trainers and dog behaviourist recommend using dog treat dispensing toys because they take out the boredom and increase mental stimulation to dogs.

It helps to distract dogs from unwanted behaviour. Puzzle dog toys and dog treat dispenser toys are strengthening your dog’s cognitive abilities and are fun.

Read my testing of the toys and how long did they last, before my dogs got bored or destroyed them.

One thing you should keep in mind that those treat dispensing toys is not just for food they are also for play and keep your dog busy. We all know that when Dogs are bored, they can do all thoughts of things.
My dogs when they are younger and bored somehow they found a way to go outside in our garden and dig holes throughout the yard. Alternatively, they start chewing our toothpaste or destroy our newspapers. (Read: How to crate train your puppy)

Dog Treat dispensing Toys are suitable for all kinds of dogs, like dogs who have separation anxiety, for puppies when you train them, for dogs who love to bite, for dogs who are sensitive to noise,  as they have to work to get to the treat and play to eat. It keeps their mind off what scares them. 

There are a few tips on how to teach you on using the toys to make your dog interactive with the dog treat dispensing toys.

Chewy dog toys for pups In the beginning, start with high-value dog treats the soft ones as they do have a smell and can be cut into pieces. Mix it with different kind of treats and rotate the treats as otherwise, it gets boring for your dog to get the treats from the interactive dog treat dispenser.

Make it more comfortable in the beginning and slowly increase the level of difficulty to get to the treats. When your dog understands how to get those treats out of the dog treat dispensing tool you can slowly increase the level of difficulty.

Normally those dogs treat dispensing toys come with different level settings.

The easiest setting has a bigger hole of the dog treat dispensing tool. You can also leave the cover off until your dog understands how to get to the treats.

In general, they figure it out quickly as when a dog can smell his favourite treats they promptly try to get to them and believe me your dog can be brilliant when it comes to food. Some dogs need a bit longer, but in general, every dog will find a way to get to their treats.

Another advice

One more thing do not feed your dog before you give it the treat dispensing toy. If you give your dog beforehand a full meal, he will not be amused and will not work hard to get to the treat as there is no incentive for him as his stomach is full.

There are a different dog treat dispensing tools, and I have three dogs, and all three have a different favourite dog treat dispensing tool. You need to find out if they are kibble lovers,  chewers or destroyers.
You can get the dog treat dispensing toys in a different variation, different shapes for different snacks or treats.

                                                         1.Starmark Bob-A-Lot™

Starmark Bob A lot Dog Toy

The Starmark Bob A lot is a great dog treat dispensing toy for your dog.
Your dog needs to nudge the toy with the nose or paw, and the Bob ‘ a lot turns, spins and twists around.

It is great fun as it seems to spin and wobble endlessly.

Releasing the well-earned kibbles/treats through adjustable openings. Dogs love to chase and bounce this toy anywhere they can. This dog treats dispensing toy is fun and gives your dog food and exercise.

Not recommended for heavy chewers as this is a toy.
Wash the dog treat dispenser toy in warm water and a bit of vinegar to clean it.

It comes with great features like:

  • Anti-slip bottom
  • The durable polymer construction of the toy will hold up for serious play.
  • The design comes with dual chambers (top and bottom)
  • Adjustable openings to customise levels of difficulty
  • Your dog will be intellectually stimulated, and it lengthens the attention span.
  • It promotes exercise and sharpens acuity.
  • Recommended for smaller and larger dogs.
  • When you order choose the size of your dog small or large.
  • It is also perfect for fast eater this toy will slow down your dog eating.

Item Specifications:
It comes in two sizes small and large.
The Capacity is great as if you go for longer your dog have actually something to fill his stomach with.
Small: 1 cup
Large: 3 cups
It is my Labradors favourite toy, and he is very protective of it. ( I have this toy now for 3 weeks still in good shape) 

Busy buddy bristle bone dog toy2. Busy Buddy Bristle Bone Dog Toy

The Busy Buddy Bristle Bone Dog Toy is a toy that your dog will love. Some dogs love to chew, and this bone dog toy is designed to chew on the right things, not on your items ( like shoes, belts, bags, cables, etc.)

It is designed with nylon bristles and rubber nubs what will stimulate the chewing surface.
The busy buddy bristle bone dog toy is extending the playtime and will keep your dog chewing longer.

The best thing is it comes with four irresistible natural rawhide treat rings.

( you have to buy them separately it means you can attach them onto the bone)

When you have a destructive chewer at home, this is the perfect chew toy for your dog it will keep your dog busy.
I keep stock on the treat ring refill at home as my dogs love to chew.
Great that it comes in different sizes like small, medium, and large.

What are the benefits and featuresbusy buddy gnaw hide rings refill

It is long lasting and durable for destructive chewers
Replaceable rawhide treat rings
Cleans the teeth of the dog as it chews
Irresistible Gnaw hide treats extend the dogs chewing experience
It is also good for your dog’s teeth it keeps them clean and strong
You can also use peanut butter to put in between the gnaw hide chew rings. That will make the toy long lasting for hours.

Item Specifications:
Small: 2.0″ x 6.2″ x 2.5″
For use with dogs 10-20 lb. (Maltese, Toy Poodles, Pugs, etc.)
Medium: 9.0″ x 2.8″ x 6.0″
For use with dogs 20-50 lb. (Beagles, Shelties, Spaniels, etc.)
Large: 10.5″ x 3.8″ x 7.0″
For use with dogs over 50 lb. (Labs, Goldens, Rotties, etc.)

That’s everyone favourite toy I got it for all three of my dogs. Sometimes the gnawhide rings become a bit soggy after they chew on them, but it seems it only bothers me not my dogs they love it. ( still using it especially when I change the gnaw hides) 

Hol- ee dog treat ball3. Hol-ee Dog Treat Ball

This Dog Treat Ball is a dog treat dispenser, and a dog toy all rolled up into one ball that will entertain your dog for hours. To insert the treats or kibble, you need to unscrew the cap and then close the screw cap.

When your dog interacts with the toy the treat tube and inner ball will move from side to side and releasing the treats. It is a great toy and stimulates your dog.

You can adjust the level of difficulty for your dog.
The ball is easy to carry, and my dog smashed it into the ground until it burst but I fixed it again, and my dogs love it. The only thing that bothers me is the small size of the kibble, but it seems to be perfect for dogs as they do enjoy it. It is an excellent combination in one dog treat dispenser toy and a dog toy.

Benefits for your dog it is a great playful learning activity for your dog.

It helps with your dog’s destructive behaviours, and it keeps them engaged and interactive.
The Hol-ee dog toy ball has the patented honeycomb shape that’s easy for dogs to carry.
It is made from certified non-toxic natural rubber.
Perfect to fill it up with your dog’s favourite treats.
It is suitable for medium size dogs.

Approximately 6” in diameter

seek a treat flip n slide connection puzzle4.Seek-A-Treat Flip N Slide Connector Puzzle Toy

This Flip N Slide Connector Puzzle Dog Toy is perfect for smart dogs who need to slow down at mealtime.

It is a great interactive toy that keeps your dog busy for a while. I challenge my dogs with choosing different treats and also sometimes I put under one compartment no treat. They do not like it when the compartment is empty and they voice it out loud.

It gives you the option to hide the treats in the yellow and red puzzle compartments. It will challenge your dog’s problem-solving skills.

The rubber feet on to bottom keep the puzzle in place during your dog is solving the puzzle.
Challenge your dog with different treats and on how many you use each time.

The variations of using different counts of treats make it a challenge each time.

Product Features:

What are the benefits? it is interactive and challenging.
It supports your dog’s cognitive learning abilities.
Variation of different treats in multiple puzzles
No-slip grip
Item Specifications:
11.25″ x 10.5″

What is now the best choice for your dog?

Whatever Dog interactive treat dispensing toys you buy think in terms of what would your dog like if he could be going shopping. The best tips I can give is that some toys made from hard plastic are loud and if your dog is a bit sensitive to noise than a soft rubber plastic is better for your dog.

Dogs are different and some prefer chewing and some prefer the kibble treats. Consider if you have a kibble treat loving dog then the chewy gnaw hide toy won’t be so much fun for him. Dogs are like children they go back to what they know. 

The same goes the other way around. I keep both of them for each of my dogs and even our Lab was not very fond at the beginning of the treat dispensing toy now our lab is used to it, because of my other dogs.

What are your dogs’ favourite dog interactive treat dispensing toys? Share with us your experience.

Thanks a lot and have a beautiful day.

All Yours Melanie


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