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What Is The Best Dog Food To Feed Your Dog !

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The choice is yours…which one is the best dog food to feed my dog?

With the unfortunate increase in pet food recalls, dog owners throw their hands in the air wondering what exactly they can feed their dogs that are actually safe and won’t be recalled the day after purchase.

We’ve since learned that one manufacturer used wheat gluten in their food, which caused most of the problems the first time. People started reading the labels of the food in hopes to find a safer product to give to their pets. Dog food, unfortunately, has so many words that cover the description of the real ingredients that you actually wonder what is all that. 

Many dog food brands use ingredients we would not even consider as food.

Famous “foods” are melamine, fillers, preservatives, meat by-products, aminopterin, starches and so much more. Take the translation of meat by-products what is it …. sinews, nerves, blood vessels, bone meal and tripes.

If you want to go homemade on dog food I have written a blog about the best homemade dog food go my blog here

The Fact is a lot of commercial dog foods are not healthy for your dog.

keep your dog healthy with proper foodDog owners are frustrated and confused about what to feed your dog and more importantly what to buy. 

Which dog food is safe to feed your dog and does not cost a fortune. I believe a mixed balanced diet is always the best. Use the 80/20 rule. 80percent Proteins and 20 percent vegetables.

What is best dog food to feed your dog?

It may sound like an easy solution to the problem, but it’s not really the best option.  Human food can make a dog or any other pet sick. Some foods like pizza and chocolate are toxic to dogs. ( I know dogs love them but that doesn’t mean they are good for your dog)

Their digestive systems aren’t built for it, so introducing human food can cause just as many problems as the recalled pet food if you’re not careful.

Not all human food is bad, though. If you decide to make your own food for your dog then make sure you’re giving healthy organic food. If you go through the trouble and go for homecooked dog food than please make sure that there are no ingredients in artificial flavours or any chemically sprayed food.

Did you know that … Garlic and Onions are toxic for your dog…

You would not believe how many dog foods actually contain Garlic and Onion. Those two ingredients are members of the Allium Plant Genus and they are toxic. What you will say, yes they are toxic to your dog and cat. The same goes for scallions, chives, shallots and leek.

If your dog food contains Garlic and Onion it can make your dog immediately sick when fed in large quantities. Even fed in small amounts over time as to flavour the homecooked meal of your dog, can damage red blood cells and can cause anaemia.

Don’t risk the health of your dog for some extra flavour, and look at the labels when you buy dog food that the ingredients are not garlic and onion.

What you should look out for in Dog Food

Proteins and how they are displayed on the package

Chicken, turkey, duck, Lamb, beef, pork,  venison, salmon, whitefish, mackerel, Tuna, etc.

Named Animal Meals

Turkey meal, chicken meal, pork meal, duck meal, salmon and tuna meal etc.

Natural Preservatives

Vitamin E ( mixed tocopherols) rosemary, vitamin C like citric acid, ascorbic acid, sorbic acid,

Complete and Balanced

Certified nutritionally complete by the Association of the American Feed Control Officials.

( should be certified by your country) make sure ingredients are from your country and do not come from China or Asia.

Click here for organic dog food, brands what are recommendable.

Nutri Source

Canidae all life stages

Blue Buffalo


and so on click the link here to go to the organic food store


Dogs are part of our family

What to avoid in Dog Food

Harmful Preservatives like BHA, BHT, TBHT, Propyl Gallate, Ethoxyquin,

Toxic Foods like Garlic, Avocado and Onion.

Unspecified low-quality Proteins ” Meat, Meat Meal, or animal by-products, ”

Artificial colouring and Artificial Flavouring like Dioxide, sucrose, sorbitol, corn syrup, caramel colour, monosodium glutamate in short MSG, cane sugar, propylene glycol, and last not least chemical food colouring.

Empty Marketing Terms like premium, ultra super, Breed specific formulas, gourmet and organic labels without USDA certification.

Real Organic will be the best way to go if you want to buy the food for your dog. Dog food with fewer grains is recommendable. Grains will be used as fillers. A dog is a Carnivore and does not normally eats a lot of carbohydrates. 

There really isn’t any evidence that grains will cause all of these problems, but it seems to make sense since grains have been used as fillers for the pet food in the last few years.

pet bowl size SThis food dishes for dogs are available at our pet store

What experts say about Dog Food? There is a lot that goes around 

Some experts offer some tips on what to look for on the ingredients label of your dog food. They state that the first three ingredients of the label should be some kind of protein – such as beef, chicken, fish or turkey. 

All agree that dog food should be a balanced diet and it should include homemade dog meals. A Dog is only as healthy as what he eats.

The label language on your dog food. What are by-products in Dog Food?


One big ingredient is Grain it is used as a filler. Other by-products most likely in any Dog food brand will be chicken by-products or beef by-products. That means those are the clean non-rendered “parts”, anything else than meat, taken from slaughtered mammals. That will include and there is no limit on what is taken or used something like lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, blood, bone, fatty tissue, stomachs and intestines freed of their contents.


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What to look out for!

These experts also state that you should never buy any dog food product that doesn’t have the company name, phone number or web address clearly listed on the package.

You should have a way to contact someone if something should happen. You should avoid buying the generic labelled or store brand labelled dog food products, since these are manufactured from bulk suppliers. You never know what really went into that dog food. 

Look for a good brand name product to feed to your dog instead. ( please consider also the taste of your Dog, some food might be healthy but it does not appeal to your dog then don’t force him to eat that food. )

  1. Evolve
  2. Hound and Gatos
  3. Kasiks
  4. Blue Buffalo
  5. Holistic Select
  6. Canidae
  7. Holistic Select
  8. Koha Limited Ingredient
  9. Nutri Source
  10. Nature Logic
  11. Natural Planet
  12. Nutro Limited Ingredient Grain-Free

dog food store

As you would not eat food you do not like. Dog food can be safe, but you need to be an advocate for your dog and make sure he’s eating healthy foods. Read the labels and make sure the food is of high quality and you can avoid the problems caused by the pet food.

9 SAFE and Ultra-Healthy Dog Food Brands in North America

Confidential dog food report

Dog Food Brands

There are many dog food brands that will claim that they are natural and healthy. Some call themselves Premium health food, or natural gourmet food, or healthy and organic. Don’t fall for that check it out and compare the labels take precaution with the labels and check what are the ingredients.

Companies will make you believe that they have the best dog food, and write on the labels what you want to hear. (Look at the language paragraph above. ) It is up to you to find the right food for your dog and it is not an easy task what might be healthy, your dog might not like and will not eat.

The Truth is there are only a few companies who produce safe dog food. Consider that the dog food that will harm your dog over a period of time will also harm in a sense you as when your dog over time develops symptoms of a illness the veterinarian bills will get higher and higher.

In a way, it is the same with a human you eat healthy your body is healthy. The same goes for your dog.


Commercial Dog Food do you know what your dog is eating

The book 9 safe and Ultra-Healthy Dog Food Brands in North America.

Takes out the guesswork and gives you concrete research that Lewis ( author of the book comes dog food secrets) has conducted so that you can make your own choice. No one can take this decision for you but as we all love our dogs we will make a decision that is the best for our dog.

The book comes with a 60-day money back guarantee there is no risk. I can assure you that you will not want to return the book as it is a great book for the healthy life of our dogs.

The dog food secret a guide to healthy food

Please let us know how it went and share with us your advice.

Do you have any advice for Dog Owners on what food do you buy, then please comment here and let others Dog owners know what works best for you? 

 Do look up our post for Pet Allergies

wishing you a pleasant Day



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Mark D. May 1, 2018 2:34:14

My daughter has been bugging my wife and I about a puppy for sometime now so we decided to get one for her 10th birthday which is in May. We have already lined up a few breeders and will be choosing the puppy next week. I just had to comment and say I have been struggling for the last 2 weeks to decide on what food to go with. This was super helpful! You read so much biased things online it is hard to know what to buy. I have never owned a dog and neither has my wife so we want to make sure we put him/her on the best diet we can.

    Melanie May 14, 2018 17:18:00

    Dear Mark
    it is so nice to get a dog for your daughter. Would you consider adopting a dog? There are so many dogs that are homeless and you will be surprised how many dogs what are pure breed end up in shelters for different reasons. Those dogs will be so grateful and a dog is such a loyal companion. I am happy that the article helped you with the decision on dog food. It is important to feed the dog the right food. It also keeps him healthy and happy.
    A dog is part of the family and we want only the best for our pets. Here is a link for first-time dog owners.
    I hope you have a long relationship with your dog.
    All the best and have a beautiful day

Cheryl Ryan May 1, 2018 6:25:23

My own dog has been on four different foods until we found one that stuck which is the homemade foods from chicken, turkey, beef, bison, fish. A small amount of fresh vegetables and fruits and occasionally with yogurt or eggs.
Every dog is unique. You just need to find out what works with a particular dog by consulting your vet

Melanie June 10, 2018 12:22:18

Dear Cheryl
I agree with you 100 %. Most dog owners know their dogs very well, and it is so much easier to try and see what they like and what they don’t. Mixing a bit of creativity and the dog has a perfect meal he enjoys, and the dog owner is happy. Not every dog is the same as you also have to consider the breed and as breeds are different, there is an easy way to adjust to your dog’s needs. Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful day.

ani June 13, 2018 12:47:35

Good to know that there are so many brands of food for dogs. I usually buy from Costco and be done with it! It has worked for my dog so far. Nevertheless, good article and a good read too!

    Melanie August 17, 2018 13:08:02

    Hello Ani
    Every dog is different and not every dog likes homemade food. I am happy it works out for you just a note of caution on what is in the pet food.
    Sometimes the ingredients are not that what it seems to be. I changed all our food to homemade food and I have to admit my pets look much healthier and are more active. One thing I noted especially is that the FUr coat of my pets is much shinier and really soft. It also took care of some arthritis problems in our cats ( 18 years old)

    Cheers Melanie

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