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Feng Shui And Pets. Cat, Fish, Dog. Who Is More Powerful For Good Luck?

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Why Pets and Feng Shui are a great Combination?

Many Times you can read in magazines that Pets are good for Feng Shui. I always wondered what people understand with Feng Shui and Pets.  As a Feng Shui Consultant, I understand that pets are great enhancers to every household and they keep a house in balance with the yin and yang energy.  Especially if you live on your own.

It is believed in the Asian world that cats bring you money luck, ( you can buy the waving lucky cat) dogs bring you health and happiness, and goldfishes are for abundance and wealth.

Especially the 9 goldfish 8 red and one black one. There are many paintings in Asia, and many offices keep either the 9 goldfish, the colourful Flowerhorn or the Arrowana that shines gold and red. 

The Four Celestial Animals in Feng Shui 

Feng Shui and Fish

Feng Shui has the four celestial Animals like the

Green Dragon in the east,

the Blue Tortoise in the North,

the Red Phoenix in the south,

and the White Tiger in the West.

They have a symbolic meaning according to the landscape and the construction of a building.

When someone asks me the question of what is a good pet for me that brings me good luck, I usually say go with your heart. Be grateful that an animal will choose you to care for it.

Pets are a great companion and have a lot of health benefits so yes in a way your pet brings you the luck and joy of every days life. Your Pet makes you to the luckiest person in the world.

Feng Shui for Humans, Pet & Co 

This blog is for humans, and I do not promote getting a pet for the sake of Good Luck. Please don’t get me wrong you are lucky when a pet is choosing you, as you can never find a more loyal companion than a pet.
Your Pet would be happy sleeping on the oldest rug or just on the floor as long as it is on your side. That is called loyalty. There are enough stories around where your pet is your best friend and will not leave your side when you are in need.

What has the Good Luck in Feng Shui to do with Pets?

Most of my client always ask me, if it is ok for Feng Shui to have a pet. Yes it is, there are only a few rules you have to follow, and that is the most common sense rule to keep your pet and home clean, it is not a mystery in doing so, and I will share a few tips and tricks in making your home beautiful and tidy even if you have a pet or multiple pets.

I have grown up with pets all my life, I could not imagine not having a pet. Every Bird who fall out of the nest and the mum abandon it, any injured bat, squirrels, hedgehogs, and so many more we always looked after them until they are ready to be released into the wild again. 

The Power of being compassion and the Heart.

I remember I had a friend she lived in Asia and she took in every stray cat and a stray dog that crossed her way. In the end, she had 19 cats and 12 dogs in an apartment that had around 120 sqm living area.

a heart for animals Every time I went to her home I thought I am on a farm and the smell really made me want to leave immediately. Unfortunately, she would not listen to me, as I guess she could not smell it anymore and get used to it. 
She paid for the apartment the same amount as she would settle to rent a small terrace house.
My Friend eventually, got herself a house for less of the price of the condo and even she had a lot of dogs and cats the house did not smell so bad as the condo unit before.

Get the Pet that suits your living environment.

Some of my clients worry when having a pet that their place will look untidy and messy. It does not need too, having a pet is great and just get a pet that suits your living standard.

What I mean with that is if you live in a small apartment than get a smaller dog instead of a huge dog like a Doberman or Husky. If you love to have long and distance walks or jogs then get a dog that loves it too. 

I have done a lot of consultations for clients who got a pet because a Feng Shui Practioner told them this year is lucky, and your lucky pet is a cat or a dog. So they went out and bought one not thinking that it will be a lifetime commitment. 

It took them some time to adjust to it, but in the end, they loved the pet like a family member. You can have a beautiful house or home with a pet. It does not need to be a mess and smelly. Let me show you how?

Good Fortune Feng Shui with two Cats.

I had one client an older lady and one day she called me and said I need to come to her house and collect the Feng Shui Cats.

Image result for lucky cat Mankei Neki Lucky Cat JapaneI told her that I am not a new age Feng Shui Consultant and I do not sell or buy those Feng Shui objects.
She told me no, the cats are real, and she doesn’t know what to do with them now as she doesn’t need them now anymore the year of the tiger ( Chinese zodiac signs) is over, and she doesn’t need them anymore.

I might have been a bit slow in understanding or getting it, but I ask her what she meant. So here is the explanation. Because it was the year of the tiger, it is said that cats are good money luck for her and her husband, but unfortunately, he died in the year of the tiger. Now the year is over, and she doesn’t need the cats anymore.

I could not believe my ears, I ask her did she not bond with the cats and what are the names … she said no need names only for good luck, now I do not need them anymore. Please come and take them.

Long story short I found a loving home for the two cats, as my instinct told me that if I don’t get them, they become stray as she would let them go anyway as for her it served her purpose.

A Short Note of Importance.

I was in a rage and really angry but could not show this to my client. That is also partly why I wanted to write this blog, to make people aware that pets are not objects you buy of the shelf, they do have feelings and they are a loyal companion. A pet does not come with an expiry date; it will stay with you at least 20 years. So be prepared to share your life for over 20 years with your loyal companion your pet. 

pets are for a lifetimePlease help me to share this post as people are still in the belief a pet brings good luck yes it lucky for you to have a pet, but a pet need love and commitment and if you are not ready for it then don’t get one.

If you abandon or return a pet to a shelter you break the heart of that pet, so before you decide to get a pet, think about it and ask yourself if you are prepared to care for your pet the next 20 years and more.  

Who let the Dog out  Is there an animal in the house?

Over the years I have helped many of my clients to understand and co-habitat their four-legged friends without sacrificing their precious home smelling and looking like pet stall. 

Furniture Coverings for you and your pets that are attractive and look good.

You have lovely furniture, and you love your furniture, but you can not enjoy the beauty of your furniture anymore, because it is covered with the unattractive not matching pet blankets. I know it is necessary to protect your furniture and you love your pets. ( cats, dogs) 

Well, you have four options

  •  you can get pet training and train your pet not to jump onto your furniture,
  •  you can buy nice covers that match your furniture,
  • and or buy pet blankets that match your furniture.
  • or you keep it as it is.


How to train my Dog?

You can train your dog by yourself or get a professional Dog Trainer.

Adrienne Farricelli, is a  professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer, and for the last 10 years she has been helping people to eliminate bad behaviours dogs and train well behaved, obedient, loving pets…by showing them how to bring out the ‘hidden intelligence’ inside their dog.

Every dog without exception – has a hidden intelligence inside.

It’s an untapped resource to help you remove just about any troublesome behaviour.

Click Here to find out more about the Dog brain training


walmart slip cover sofa and chair Easy Slip Covers 

Use easy slip over covers for your Chairs, Launch and Sofa, and if you can not get them in colour you want them to have then get the fabric and give them to someone to hem them up.  Best is the non-wrinkle easy wash, with static effect easy dry fabric. In the picture, those are from Walmart  click here to go to Walmart 

(Static means the fabric will not attract like a magnet the hairs of your dogs or cats)

Tip: Most dry-cleaning shops have small sewing services available like (hemming and minor repair work )for cloth and covers. If you have a sewing machine do it yourself, it is quickly done. ( Ask around in your friend circle someone for sure can do the sewing.)

Tip: Choose colours that do not attract the hair of your pet statically. ( Dark colours like black and blue will give you a headache if you have a pet with light colour fur.

Tip. Chose dark colour beds or covers for a pet with dark fur, light colours for a lighter fur colour or try to match the tone of your pet.

Tip. Keep at least 2 sets of each. As when one set of covers is in the washing, the one will be in use.

Match the colour of your pet to the covers or choose a neutral colour for multiple pets.

I used a kind of medium blue when I had different colour pets. That suits the dark fur four-legged friends and the lighter fur colour four-legged friends. ( what I want to say with that, you do not see so easily the hairs of your pets)

Don’t forget the sets include the arm covers and seat and back covers in the same fabric as the slipcover.
It is essential that you add an extra 35 cm or 13.5 inches for the seat and back to allow for shrinkage.

Tip. If you are not sure, you can also wash the fabric first and then cut but still with the allowance as you will need it.

Change of your Cleaning Routine makes it a daily exercise.

When you have pets, you like it or not cleaning daily like the vacuum, and wet mopping is a must. Get yourself a strong and powerful vacuum cleaner that takes on all the hairs from your pet. I use the Kaercher Vacum cleaner wet and dry. ( Kaercher is a great brand) 

Product TitleBissell PowerFresh Steam Mop with Discs and Scrubber, 1940WIt is powerful, and you can see that you used the vacuum cleaner. I put into the container of the Vacum cleaner a piece of tissue with lavender oil, that way my vacuum cleaner smells when I vacuum like lavender oil. You can use any other essential oil, or you can buy the vacuum deodorant. ( just be aware of the essential oils do and don’ts with pets. ) Read my blog Essential Oils for Pets 

For Wet Mopping, you can use the Steam Mop. A great way to get rid of all the germs and it is clean. 

If you are not consistent in cleaning than you will not enjoy your place the same as your pets. Don’t forget that it is also your home and everyone including you should feel good.

Pet Beds and Furniture that blend in with your furniture and your home.

If your pets are not allowed on the launch and chairs and they have there owned furniture, it is always wise to get something that blends in with your other furniture.

Especially with larger dogs, the recommendation is that they have their own pet bed. They usually take over your whole launch, and you properly sit on the edge balancing between falling and not falling.

Brain Train your dog to use his dog bed instead of your launch.

Pet Beds and Places to sleep for your Pet. 

No, you are not rude; it is just that you enjoy looking at your pet and your pet wants to be near you, it does not care it is your launch or his bed.

Tip. When you buy a pet bed for your dog or cat make sure the covers can be taken off and are washable. If not, then please use covers in pairs so you can wash one and the other is in use.

Washing it on a weekly base is essential, and your pets will love the clean and fresh pet bed.
On the other hand, it also makes your home look fresh and clean.

Avoid using a spray that makes the pet bed smell good but does not make it clean. It can be a one or two-time solution but washing the pet bed cover weekly should be standard.

furhaven-memory-top-chaise-lounge-quilted-fleece-print-suede-dark-blue-jumbo-36Pets do enjoy a clean, pleasant smell looking home the same as you do.
A clean home is good Feng Shui for you and for your pet.

When your pets sleep with you in your bedroom get them a separate bed, it is better for your sleep.

Everyone has then a comfortable night. Depends on the size of your pet.
When you get them a separate bed at least, you are not falling over them at night or stepping on them. ( fur haven dog beds are inexpensive and come in different sizes and colours) click here

There are plenty of beds available what you can move under the bed during the day time.

For the night time, you put them into a corner of the room, so that your pet can still see you but you do not drip over it at night. 

Murphy Bed Style Dog Bed the perfect solution for limited space.

new-age-pet-murphy-style-bed-with-memory-foam-cushion-antique-white-33Lack of space? This Murphy Bed Style Dog Bed is the solution. Opens up for a spot to rest and closes up when nap time is over. Can be used as a shelf for books, lamps or any other décor that will create a customised look in a small space.

The Abigail Murphy Dog Bed is the perfect place for your pet to rest. This comfortable bed includes the dog bed cushion to give your pet the perfect rest. Click here to go to Murphy dog bed

When not in use, this stylish bed can be folded and stored to blend in with your furniture. 10 yr. Manufacturer’s warranty.

Click here to see more furniture beds

Those cupboard pet beds raise the bar a bit higher, and it makes look your home fashionable and pet-friendly. It blends perfectly in. I love this cupboard beds ok agree they cost a bit more but they are really practical. 

If you are on a budget, you can buy the inexpensive beds from Fur Haven Memory Top Chaise Lounge Quilted Fleece & Print Suede link picture. Click here to go here to fur haven beds

Pet crates blend in with furniture wide variety available. 

Furniture Pet Crates are also a great solution as they do blend in and are like safety heaven for pets where they can get some peace and rest. Read Crate training for dogs 

furniture crates for dogsCrate training for dogs is, and I know there are pro and cons, but until I got one I had the same opinion. Now my dogs love the crates, I always thought of a crate like a cage, but that is entirely a perception.

My dogs love their crates, and I find them pretty fashionable. If you want them to blend into your décor, they are a bit pricey, but it is worth it.

Click here to go to dog crates 

Why plain floors and Wooden floors rather than carpeting.

A wooden floor or plain floors are much easier to clean than carpets. If you are renting a place, you will have not much choice. I understand that I been there before. 
You still can get area rugs to put over the carpet. 

beautiful area rugs home decor
If you have a wooden floor or other plain floors except for carpet, you can use the steam cleaner. I think it is a great invention as it really cleans it perfect it eliminates all germs and dirt. It is eco-friendly as you clean with water only that becomes steam. 

The most steamers have different functions like for marvel and tiles, or wooden floors.

If you are carpet lover and don’t want to miss your carpets then at least choose the colour of the rug to the fur colour of your pet or at least match it.
Don’t use a dark carpet if you have a white or beige colour dog, you are getting crazy with cleaning all the hairs. As once your dog sheds the hair onto your carpet, you are always cleaning. It will eventually annoy you. 

Click here to look at some area rugs 

Scratching Posts, Litter Boxes and Pet Smells.

If you have multiple pets like me, you have to be very thorough with eliminating the smell of the litter box from the cats or small dogs and keeping the pet areas clean.

The next dilemma is then where to put the litter box. ( it is not always easy to find the right place. )

Check out the Cool and Practical  Bathroom litter boxes what look like a cupboard. Those are a bit costly but are great and make a perfect fit for any home. New Age Pet ecoFLEX Litter Loo Russet
Click here to see all the Litterboxes different styles

Do not put a litter box into the bathtub. It is not nice, and it will scratch your tub. Believe me, you will have a head cinema if you want to take a bath or not. 

Plus it is not sanitary, and it looks terrible. You won’t enjoy it, believe me, it is always in the back of your head.

If you can not find a place and you do not have a cover by a closed litter box. It is privacy for your pet, and it keeps the smell a bit under control.

The only place I would put then the litter box is either the garage or the laundry room. If you have somewhere, an empty closet than use this as the cupboard for the litterbox.

I love this cupboard solution, and my one is under the sink it blends in with our bathroom furniture. 

Litter box cupboards and cheaper version

DIY a small bathroom cupboard.

If you have a cupboard in your bathroom, you could use then cut a small opening into the closet and attach the cat door to it so the cat or little dog can go in and out. It also seals the smell when the litter box been used.

Put an inexpensive cat litter box in there and fill it up with odour free pet-friendly cat litter. This way you can quickly clean it, and everything vanishes from the eyesight.

Bathrooms, Toilets and Feng Shui a bad combination.
Yaheetech Black End Tables Bedroom Nightstands Bedside Cabinet with Storage Cupboard & Shelf One Door

In Feng, Shui toilets have a terrible reputation, but if the bathroom is kept clean it is ok and time has evolved.

In ancient times the toilets been always outside due to the belief that it accumulates bad Energy or bad Chi. 

Bathrooms have changed and become a quite nice decorative room in the house.

A bathroom needs to keep clean and with a fresh smell. 

TIP: Do clean your litter box and change the cat litter on a regular base like cleaning daily.

Scratching Posts and Cat Furniture

Cats love to scratch to sharpen their claws. They do not care it is your beloved sofa or armchair. They see it as a necessity and use what is convenient for them. 

Scratching for cats is healthy, and they mark their territory with it. When your cat is scratching your furniture there are a couple of reasons,Armarkat Classic Cat Tree Model A7401 74in Beige

  • you do not have a scratch pole or tree.
  • They do not like the scratch pole or tree ( use cat mint to make it more attractive),
  • or if you have stray cats, they do not like it, or they are not used to it
  • Scratch trees should have all, sisal posts, play, hiding places etc.
    Get an eco-friendly scratching post your cats will love it. Spray it with catmint to attract your cat’s attention. 

Please don’t get it wrong a cat is not scratching your furniture because she likes to make you upset. It is a natural behaviour. There are solutions for cat scratching, I am not talking about declawing. 

Declawing a cat is cruel and forbidden in most countries.

Click here to see all scratch trees 

My cats love this Scratch Sphere it comes with a small toy.
cat scratch sphere with toy

Feng Shui Harmony, Pets and You

In Feng Shui, all is about harmony and creating a warm and inviting space. That will give us humans and our pets a calm and relaxed environment.

It means we connect with our environment and we go with the flow not against the flow.

What does that mean?

We create a space that is in Harmony with us. 

If you place the dog bed or cat bed in an area where you have to bump or drip every time you walk past it then this is not in the flow. That is not Feng Shui that is just pure bad furniture placement. ( Interior Design) 

It will aggravate you every time you pass there or bump your toe. Choose a place for the Pet Furniture that is suitable and out of the way.

Air purifiers and Pet Smell.

On more thing, I like to mention here as we get too used to it and might not be aware of it anymore. 

The Smell of our Pets

You should feel good in your home, the critical thing is that you feel good and you are proud to show off your home or invite friends and family over.

If the pets have taken over your home and you feel ashamed and uncomfortable to invite friends and family, then it is time to change that.

As this is definitely not good Feng Shui. Means you are out of touch with your environment.

When you live with pets, you get so used to their smell that you do not smell it anymore. Ask from time to time a family member or friend to come by and tell you if your home smells like pets.

I use on a regular base use my essential oil diffuser, and if I use the steamer, I mix in 1 or 2 drops of lavender oil into the water. When the steamer gets hot, the smell evaporates through the home so does the diffuser. 

Oil diffuser for essential oils

When you are wondering why some of your friends refuse to come to your home, well the unpleasant smell or odour of your pets might be the reason.

Most of the friends are too polite to say something as they do not want to offend you.

If it is awful than get yourself a good air purifier, not with the replacement filters, get one that is washable.
I use the Philips Air purifier. It also kills mould and airborne germs. I would recommend you to spent a bit more like the cheap ones you can throw away after 6 months.

Click here to go to Air Purifiers

You can also use for example in winter time for the vaporisers on your heating add one or two drops of essential oils( be careful with your pets as dog and cats are different in absorbing essential oils, and you might hurt them)

Read my blog about pets and essential oils. ( a no go is Tea Tree Oil, lemon oil, pine, orange actually all citric oils for cats, )

You can also use some homemade cleaners, and they will take out the pet smell. Invest either in a good steam mop or a good air purifier. If you are able to afford both even better. ( you will love the steam mop) 

If you can recommend a good solution to eliminate pet smell, please do so in our comment section. It is always good to have different solutions on hands. 

I think I don’t need to mention it, but a big part of a happy Pet owner and a happy Pet is safety.

Keep your pet safe and do not harm your pet.

Also for your safety keep the pet toys cleaned up in an area where you do not constantly drip over it.

Dripping and falling toys or chewy bones can easily end up in broken bones or other injuries.

Pets are part of the household, but that does not mean the place need to be untidy. Remember when talking about Feng Shui and being in the flow it means being in the flow. 

Not dripping and constantly stepping over pet furniture or pet toys. Don’t make your life more difficult and cause stress that is not necessary.

Stress and frustration get automatically transferred to your pet, and it makes your pets unsettled. Pets are sensitive in picking up your energy vibes, and they start to act accordingly. Happy Pet Owner, Happy Pets. 

That goes the same with their beds or crates they need to be in a place where they can see the action but also feel safe and secure.

Toxic Cleaners and Chemicals keep them out of the way far away from your pet and of course your kids too. 

If you can use only pet-friendly cleaning solutions and natural cleaners. It helps your pets and our environment. If you have children that is the same. 

What about smaller pets in cages or aquariums.

A Fish tank, Aquarium, Terrarium, Cages or whatever with smaller pets like hamsters, fish, birds, mice, snakes, reptiles and so on.

All the environment they live in need to be clean and tidy. That goes the same for the smell. Some of the smaller pets have a strong odour, so they need to be kept clean and tidy.

Fish and Aquarium

Fish are a symbol of abundance in Feng Shui Require water, and large fish tanks cannot be placed just anywhere in the home. You have to know the Flying Stars and the areas where the water is ok.

General Placement of water in the house.

  • The Bedroom is definitely NO.
  • East Sector,
  • North Sector and the
  • Southeast is ok with water.

We talk about a standard size tank. In case the size of a Fish tank is taking over one-third of the room you better consult a Feng Consultant where to place your fish tank. ( you might drown your luck in water) 

A Fish tank can be very good Feng Shui if it is clean and the fish are healthy. When you get fish to make sure they do not kill each other immediately. Not all the fish go along with each other. Do the research.

For the other smaller pets make sure they live in a natural environment, and the cages or terrariums are big enough for them and are decorated with the objects to keep them happy and busy.

Avoid putting the smaller pets into the bedroom of your kids as they might be forgotten, neglected or will keep your kids awake at night. Especially if they are nocturnal.

Feng Shui, Pets and You

Your Pets and you can live in harmony with each other. With a little bit of effort, you can make your home nice and beautiful.
It will benefit you and your pets. A harmonic clean and vibrant environment is pleasant and enjoyable for you and your pets.

Feng Shui and Pets go well together but not for the benefits of using it for the sake of achieving wealth.

Animals in Feng Shui

For me, nothing is more welcoming as having a home with pets. Pets are known in Feng Shui to symbolise not only good energy, and as the old lady got told the tale is cats are good for financial luck and dogs to help to boost and infuse the energy in a home.

Take note that animals are not lucky charms that you get for one year and when the year is over you discharge them.

help a dog or cat in need of a homePets are for life and will enhance your health and enrich your life.
If you want a cat as a lucky charm get the fortune cat from a Chinese store. 

Pets are not lucky charms and are for life.

Pets are part of our family treat and respect them as they enrich our lives and are a loyal companion through the years you will spend with them.

 You are lucky to have pets. Feng Shui and Pets are a great combination. 

Do you have some more tips living with pets and how to make a home more environmentally friendly?
Please share with us, if you have pets, please write below their names and what kind of pet you have.
Got to our Facebook page and post the latest picture you took from your loved pets.

All Yours

Sylvia and  Melanie

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