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 Melanie from 

Are you passionate about your cat or dog, do you have lots and lots of pictures from it? Why don’t you share them with other people, let them know the joy a pet brings and how entertaining they can be. Turn your passion into a business. 

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Turning your passion into a business is a great Opportunity to get started. Remember when we are passionate about something we can easily work hours and hours on it. Why because we have fun and we love to do it. 

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Enjoy the Start into a new Adventure. See you … 



Cajun November 17, 2017 23:55:00

Great site, it is really good. Started my Business through that site. I am very happy that I started it gave my life a different perspective and I make some money on the side.

    Melanie November 19, 2017 12:41:27

    Hello Cajun

    I am happy to hear that you get started. It will take some time to make money, as this is not a get rich scheme. One thing is for sure if you have determination and passion in what you do, then you will succeed. I wish you all the success in your online adventure.

Carry March 9, 2018 18:38:00

hi there
I am wondering if this is possible to do even you have a day job. I am willing to learn and I have some ideas about what website I want to create. So can I do this without giving up my day job?
Thx Carry

    Melanie March 12, 2018 10:53:33

    Yes Carry, in fact, I also started this way.
    For the training, it is set up that you can do it at your own pace. It gives you the flexibility to use it as additional income or if you decide later on you can do it full time.It is up to you, the only thing you have to consider is being consistent and take action each day.
    To do both things you need to manage your time efficiently here is a link to a time management article I like.
    Cheers Melanie

oliver March 29, 2018 17:30:00

Congratulations Melanie,

this is a wonderful website
so much great information on all things pet
I didn’t realise so many different aids and toys existed for our beloved pets


    Melanie March 30, 2018 20:38:04

    Dear Oliver
    Thank you, I am glad you like our website.
    Pets are like children they like to play. We want only the best for our pets.
    Have a great day

Mariella March 30, 2018 18:23:00

Thanks for your useful post. In recent times, I realized that more and more people in our company are leaving.
I started to think about it and want to start with Affiliate Marketing. You never know when you are the next on the list.
Thanks to you I can start and find a great training.
Aloha Mariella

    Melanie March 30, 2018 20:47:13

    Hi Mariella
    It is always good to have a second income. It makes us feel more secure.
    Unfortunately, the Internet is taking over and that is costing us a lot of jobs.
    Many companies downsizing and it will be only a matter of time when jobs for office can be done from home.
    I am glad you decided to join and start your passion into a business.
    Let me know if you need help.

Mandy Allen April 22, 2018 14:45:03

Sharing your own story is such a great thing to do. I think we all kind of believe we have nothing anyone else would be interested in but that isn’t true. There will be so many people out there who know less about something than you do. We can all learn from each other but only if we share,

Enjoy the journey!

    Melanie April 26, 2018 21:48:08

    Hello Mandy
    Starting your own business from the bottom of a hobby is a great idea. Why not put something to use when you also be able to make some money.
    When you are patient about something and you have so much knowledge accumulated than it is a shame to keep it all for yourself instead of sharing it with the world. This is now possible with the Internet. The website is free and it comes with free training. It is great and it helps people a lot. Every day Millions of people searching the internet or looking for a solution. Now we are getting better at understanding more of things we would never know about. I believe in the sharing is caring. You accumulated so much knowledge in every step of your life, share it with the people. It is a great feeling if you can help people with your knowledge. Everybody is good at something. I came across this post and I think it really says it all.
    Thanks for stopping by
    Cheers Melanie

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