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Why people get bitten by nice dogs? 3 Lessons You Can Benefit From Today…

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What is the reason for a Dog to bite?


Picture this:

You’re alone in an elevator and a very large man gets on.

The door closes and the man approaches you and starts putting his hands all over your body.

What do you do? Tell him to stop? Scream? Fight back? It’s terrifying, right?

 Dogs and a stressful situation

Recently I had a call of a dog running around an apartment complex, barking and growling at people.

I arrived to find a small mixed breed, obviously someone’s baby, and completely terrified.

He wasn’t about to come to me and no amount of sweet talk or cookies was going to do it. I had to corner him, dodge his teeth and slip a leash over his head.

Once I had him he settled down a bit and I was able to walk him over to my truck. As I was preparing to scan him for a microchip a man walked up and reached for the dog, who I’ll call Fluffy, to try and pet him.

Fluffy’s body language screamed “back off, you’re scaring me. I will bite if you don’t give me space.” The man kept coming and I said, “please don’t touch him, he’s scared enough to bite.

” The man said, “oh no, I’m good with dogs.” And I’m thinking, if you were good with dogs, you would not be causing this poor dog more fear and stress, and if you were good with dogs, you would see that this dog is about to bite you. via Why People Get Bitten by Nice Dogs

Be aware when a dog is scared and looks lost that is most likely when a dog will bite. 

When dogs bite, most of the time they are scaredIf you ever come into a situation where a dog is lost and scared be careful and don’t scare the dog further or make him feel threatened, the changes that he will bite are obvious. 

A Dog is very sensitive to energy and dogs can sense in what state of mind you are.  If you approach a dog and he is scared or shows signs of distress than you better call someone like an Animal shelter or Animal society who knows how to handle scared dogs.

Like in the article above ..lucky enough the lady knew how to handle a scared dog and calm him down. It could have been a different scenario if she would not have been there.

She kept calm when the Man approached and made sure the dog does not bite the man. That shows that she has the experience to handle a lost, scared or trapped dog without them biting. 

Always be conscious and aware when you approach a dog even if he is with his owner, do not intrude into his space, ask for permission from the dog to touch or pat him.

If a dog is afraid there are obvious signs and you can see and recognize the signs of a distressed dog, do not approach the dog as eventually, he will bite.

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7 Signs you should look out for in a dog if he is in distress 

1.If your dog or any dog is flattening his ears

2.If the Dog Tail is tugged between the hind legs

3.If the dog starts Cowering

4.If the dog is Lip Licking

5.If the dog starts Yawning to often 

6.If the dog starts raising the hairs on the back of the neck

7. If the dog starts to growl and shows his teeth

When dogs bite, it is a bad experience for both dog and victim
The sad consequences when a dog bites, no one looks for the reason everyone blames the dog.

Unfortunately soon a Dog bites or has bitten someone, people want to take action and demanding in most cases the Dog should be put to sleep. Most of the time you hear the saying “when a dog bites once than a dog always will bite…

That is not always true if you consider and take into account why a dog bites. Unfortunately, that is in most of the cases, not the common sense question.People have no tolerance if a dog bites, even if it is there fault. 

There are cases where there is no other option, we hear often enough that a dog bit a child and it had to go to the hospital. Those are different cases and I am not talking about the extreme cases.


This is another chapter and needs a whole blog on its own. 

Dogs are not born with the Gene to bite. 

A dog is not born bad and to bite. A dog is born as a great cute little puppy, the surrounding shapes the personality of a dog.

A dog owner is the one who raises a vicious or great Dog. It is always a good idea to give a dog training.

Have a look do you walk with your dog or does your dog walks with you? If your dog walks with you then you should consider training. 

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A dog needs to know he is a dog, and training a dog is fun and it benefits both of you. Don’t start training your dog alone, go and see a dog trainer or enrol yourself together with your dog into a training school it is rewarding for you and for your dog.

It is a great way for your dog to socialize with other dogs and for you with other dog owners. 

It is not fun if you have raised a dog and he becomes jealous, becomes aggressive towards other dogs or in extreme cases starts to bite.That is every dog owners nightmare when a dog starts to bite. 

How do you stop a dog from biting? In my opinion, find a good training school or a trainer who can train the dog and teaches the owner how to handle a dog.  

Why does a dog bite?

Any Dog can bite, doesn’t matter how cute, how cuddly, how calm, how nice, big or small a dog is, any dog can bite.

 A dog will bite if a dog is in a stressful situation, or provoked  ( if a dog gets trapped, and it is stressful for the dog he will bite to defend himself.

Dogs can and will bite if they protect something that is valuable to them, like food, toys, a human, a blanket, a bone, their puppies etc.

A dog can bite when he is sick or not be feeling well. In cases where a dog has pain and you touches the part where there is a pain.

Dogs might start during play to nip and then bite.It might be fun for the dog but it can be dangerous for the people. Playing wrestling or tug of war makes a dog overly excited and may lead to a bite or nip.

When dogs bite
Public Domain from pixa bay

Socializing with your Dog in Parks

A good prevention for a dog not to bite is socializing with him in parks and other places where he will lose the fear of interacting with other dogs or people. 

It is a great way to introduce a puppy as early as possible to other animals and people as it will help your dog feel more comfortable when he gets older and he is able to cope with different situations easier. 

One thing a lot of owners forget when they go for a walk to put their dog on a leash. It is good to put a dog on a leash, even if your dog is ok with other dogs the next dog you meet might not be ok.

The leash also gives you control over your dog and in case a situation arises you are in control. 

One of the best prevention for a dog to bite is educating yourself and your family, especially children. A lot of dog bites could have been avoided if people would educate the children and family members on what to do and what not to do with a dog. 


Before getting a dog/puppy as a gift think about and make a decision with the family. If you meet a Dog what is alone and scared do not approach the dog if you are not sure you are able to handle the dog.

Dogs tend to be a great companion but sometimes when they come into a situation where they are scared, lost, provoked, hurt, etc. the dog’s behaviour might change.

One thing is clear, having a dog requires skills and training. If you want to have a long-term relationship with your dog then you need to set rules and train your dog.

A dog that trains you will eventually be a dog with problems. The biting is than already programmed and it will be only a matter of time when a dog starts to bite.

A dog is a dog and you are the pack leader, not your dog. The best way is when buying or adopting a dog educate yourself about the dog breed how active is a dog, how many time he needs to have a walk. the big dogs versus small dogs.

To raise a happy dog and become a happy owner is through Education,  Information and Training. Take the time to educate yourself and don’t rush into a decision.

A dog is a carnivore and a carnivore can bite. 


Do you have a dog, did you give training to your dog? Leave us some tips on how do you train and prevent your dog from biting. Did a dog ever bite you?  Please share with us your experience. 

Would love to hear from you. 


all yours Melanie 















Mandy Allen April 22, 2018 14:40:23

It irritates me when someone thinks they know dogs so well they can do anything with them and they really intimidate the dog. I would have been angry too! I love the bandanas you sell, they are so striking!

Enjoy the journey!

    Melanie April 27, 2018 22:44:46

    Hello Mandy
    It irritates me too, some people they just can not read the signs of a dog and then wonder when they get bitten.
    A scared dog will bite not because he is bad he just tries to defend itself. I got bitten twice by a dog when I was younger as I thought I had to play superhero and save the dogs when they were fighting. Well, lesson learned.
    Our Bandanas especially the ones with the reflective stripes are great when walking in the night or when the weather is really foggy. Dogs can be easily spotted.
    Have a beautiful day
    Cheers Melanie

Greg Davis May 1, 2018 2:57:14

In my experience, the most common reason a dog bites is down to not being socialized enough as a puppy. A lot of people over baby their dogs and shelter them much like some parents do to children. This only encourages trust issues with people they are not familiar with. I agree with everything here as well. Some people don’t fully understand how a dog’s mind works or how important training is.

Josh May 1, 2018 17:28:18

From my own experience,
Its important to teach children to never approach a stray dog under any circumstances as they are more likely than adults to be bitten by a dog.
Also to avoid a bite, respect a dogs growl and move away. This is a warning that he may bite, and you should always believe him

    Melanie May 2, 2018 21:22:56

    Dear Josh
    Teaching children is important. Parents should explain to the kids the risk and what could happen if they approach a dog without warning.
    There are visible signs to see when a dog will bite or is scared. Most of the time when a dog bites it is because the dog is worried and pushed into a corner where the dog can not escape. The typical reaction is to bite.
    I can not agree with you more. To teach children is essential.
    thanks for commenting
    Cheers Melanie

Melanie June 10, 2018 12:31:00

Dear Greg
Unfortunately a lot of dog owners over baby their dog and treat it like a child. People forget that they have a pet it needs rules and authority. Very quickly a dog can overstep the boundaries and become a protective dog who does not know the limits.
In the end, the dog and the dog owners are not happy, and both will need help. It is always a good idea to socialise the puppy from an early age on and start going with him to puppy school where the puppy can meet other dogs big or small. Dogs without social interaction can become very dangerous.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a beautiful day.Read our other blog about separation anxiety

ani Ayela June 13, 2018 13:14:05

The other day I saw some naughty kids throw paper planes at one dog which was sitting quietly by his master. A point came when the dog suddenly growled and pulled at his leash and ran behind the kids. The kids ran into a house and closed the door, otherwise, it would have bit the kids. Yes, people sometimes don’t think straight and provoke animals!!

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